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About the fig

It's All about the queen

join me in my adventure

into the many wonderful

gifts of the honey bee

Hand Made from our own farm (Sulfur creek Organics) in Long Valley. 

The Lavender Fig Gift Shop on 66 main st. in califon, nj is where to find that unique gift! 

The official launch of The Lavender Fig's  "Beekeepers Emporium" has arrived. 

Now Including: 

Handmade Household cleaners- hand soaps-Shower gels

herbs - paintings - ceramics - your occasional odds and ends 

all things beehives - and of course delicious honey 

From My Awesome hardworking Girls Comes beauty and perfection ;From honey to beeswax

 The Lavender Fig will give you a taste of history, 

the modern moment, and the future of farms;

All taking you to a place you will love dearly. 

handcrafted with All of My Love, 

yours truly, Beekeeper Jen