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A curative method, originating from the greek "Thalassa" meaning sea and "Therapeia meaning healing. 

Defined today as "a seawater cure". 

Known Benefits Of Thalassotherapy

Improve circulation

aid in Joint Pain

stress relief

weight loss

vital mineral absorption

such as magnesium,

potassium, iodide,

sodium and calcium

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All wraps include a personalized aromatherapy massage.


A Green kelp paste is Used in combination with the Vichy Shower. Kelp is known for it's hormonal balancing properties as well as weight loss encouragement. It is rich in nutrients and a natural anti-inflammatory. 




Brown algae is great for energizing. It revitalizes, tones, re-hydrates, and recharges the body with minerals and stimulates metabolism. 




Red algae known for its balancing properties. It helps to mineralize, exfoliate, and soften the skin. Also helps improve calcification of the bones. 




Blue algae is known for its firming properties. It has powerful slimming and rehydrating effects while also helping to regenerate tissue.