Physio @ 

The Acropolis Luna Stella

But Don't Just Take It from Us

Jen's Back massages are great. I love the atmosphere with the music, it makes the hour go too too fast. The workers are just fantastic. great, caring and loving people. they are very knowledgeable on their products so if I have a question, they answer it.

Sue - 20 years with us


Professional and very interesting! Spa looked like wonderful space... would love to re-visit!


This spa is seriously a hidden gem in Califon! Such a unique building with equally unique treatments! I felt amazing after I left!


I came to Jen with a 

specific issue related to my equilibrium. It isn't a quick fix, but it was working. And I realize that more so now since I haven't been able to come in. I am regressing. Can't wait to be able to get back on a program - Thank you.

Mary anne

Jen has kept me in top competitive shape for my sport—dressage—and I feel fitter and stronger every year! A healer by nature, Jen gives a fantastic massage to put the final touch on a great weekly experience. Five stars from me!

Catherine - 7 years with us

I absolutely love Jen! I get the neuromuscular massage and it really helps me. I suffer from at least 4 headaches a week and when i go see her i am headache free for 5 days or more. I love it! Jen is also very social with her clients. i talk to her about anything whether it is my personal life or my pain, or i ask her what else can she show me, so i can do it at home. I love her and i love her place - extremely peaceful. i always feel great when i come and go!

Katelyn - 1 year with us


I have had facials, massages, body exfoliating treatments. I have always been THRILLED! Every time I walk out the door, I FEEL AMAZING! I am addicted to the products in their store and could honestly sit, waiting for my appointment for hours, BUT SADLY, they ALWAYS RUN ON TIME!!!

Terri - 5 years with us


Jen customizes the massage just for you and your body type. She focuses on the points you want and need. A typical experience is pleasant and relaxing.


Appolonia is kind, professional, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the spa treatments. And the store always has unique gifts.


From start to finish, 

Jen and Appolonia focus solely on you by ensuring your experience in their exceptional services and classes leaves you fulfilled and longing your next appointment was already tomorrow. The ambiance is truly inviting and soothing all at the same time so you can embrace the moments to focus on yourself.


I have been coming to Jen to get massages for 4-5 years. I typically get deep tissue or Swedish massages. I absolutely love the atmosphere - 

it is serene, relaxing, and rejuvenating. It is also very clean. I always ask for gift certificates to Appolonia for my birthday and Christmas - it is a treat for me to come here. Jen is knowledgeable, passionate, and friendly. She has given me a tremendous amount of advice for how to reduce the chronic pain I have in my neck, back, and shoulder. 

I have shopped at the store - I always find unique items for myself and for my friends and family. The shop is beautiful and charming. At Appolonia, 

I feel completely relaxed and at ease, like I am on vacation. I always leave my appointments fully rejuvenated, feeling healthy and refreshed.

Sherri - 5 years with us


This is not a typical spa, it is a whole body and mind experience. Jen and Appolonia are extremely dedicated to their clients and are two of the smartest women I've ever met ! I see Jen for movement therapy / workouts and massage. All of my body aches and pains have disappeared, my posture and strength have improved and I know I'm doing what's right for my body. She has such intricate knowledge of how the body works, she can fix anything ! I see Appolonia for my skin care and body treatments and have never looked better ! She always knows exactly what I need and always walk out with a smile on my face and spring in my step ! Being a client of Jen and Appolonia has been the best decision I've ever made for my health and wellness !

Gloria - 3 years with us


i’ve had the most beautiful experience with appolonia with a facial. she is so smart and well rounded with her knowledge of wellness, inner beauty and health...the facial was lovely, and touched me more than skin deep! my skin healed rapidly and glowed for days!!! Jens massage was truly insane!! i felt like she truly tapped into every sort of tension i was holding on to and helped me release both my muscle and mind to truly open my heart and have my body feel immaculate and whole!! the atmosphere welcomes you with its cleanliness and softness. a very easy environment to walk into, not intimidating at all... felt swallowed up in a big spa hug!! the products you guys carry are AWESOME, and i can buy with a clean conscious :) 

Claire - 1 year with us


The atmosphere upon entering is relaxing and curious. What do they offer here?? Well, just walk a little further and you will find a welcome of soothing herbal teas and refreshing fruit infused water. Listen to the music as you enter the spa area for a relaxing array of treatments. 

A monthly massage by Jen helps to realign my body and mind. The weekly fitness classes are small and are created to meet the group yet also the individuals needs. Jen is careful to assess each member during the class and help you to do your personal best. The climate of the class helps you to work hard, improving your function and leave with some activities you can practice at home. The website is a great way to pick up some additional time with Jen. This is my spot for long term health and wellness!


I cannot say enough about the thoroughness, 

quality, and uniqueness of Jen and appolonia's  

services. Outstanding is an understatement. I have and will continue to recommend them to everyone I know as I believe there is no better spa available. The products are natural and of top quality, I have used nearly every product they have available and cannot say enough about what they have to offer. Highly recommend!!!!

Rebecca - 10+ years with us

I had been going to see 

Jen for massage and Pilates for several years. I was at a turning point in my life and had significant back pain. I have always exercised and wanted to be stronger.

Jen always pushed me to make me better and the massage helped my pain.


I've gotten massage, salt scrub, facial and waxing services. The services are so relaxing & soothing. The atmosphere of the space is enchanting, and after each service I have felt refreshed. I never feel rushed while in the facilities and every experience has been sophisticated

and professional. 

Any questions I present are always answered and the "bedside manner" is always pleasant. 

Robyn - 6 years with us

Physio Body Holistics is a diamond in the rough, a true oasis in rural Hunterdon County! You can't help but feel "revived" after a class with Jen or a treatment with App. Jen provides abundant knowledge of your physical well being and strength, while App has a keen way of restoring your skin's health by using all natural organic ingredients. I am so grateful to be part of this unique overall health and wellness experience.