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Established 2000

Physio Body Holistics


Since ancient times, steam therapy has been used by traditional healing systems around the world to improve and maintain vital health and beauty. 

Turkish baths, Indian sweat lodges, Finnish saunas, and European Banya steam rooms harness the power of steam. Even Hippocrates recognized that creating an "artificial fever" could alleviate many illnesses.  

steam bathing is recognized in Europe (and most of the world) as effective for a wide variety of conditions: 

  • Mild depression
  • nicotine addiction 
  • cardiovascular conditions 
  • Chronic fatigue  
  • hypertension 
  • Chronic pain

Known Benefits Of Steam Therapy

Allergy and asthma relief

cellulite reducer

circulation booster


glowing skin

inflammation reducer

immune system booster

Mood Booster

joint pain relief

sore muscle relief

stress relief

weight loss

our unique Banya steam canopy cocoons your body in warmth and comfort

All treatments conclude with a freshly steeped tea. 

Physio Signature ~ To Trito Mati

A specialized Ancient Greek healing treatment intended to stimulate the pineal gland, AKA "the third eye". A calming trickle of Warm oils will be dripped onto your forehead and massaged into your scalp to do just that.


  • Oil drip with scalp treatment
  • a full body salt exfoliation
  • lavender and eucalyptus steam canopy
  • muscle-melting warm stone massage

Welcome to a state of pure peace. 



Herbal Body Wrap

Herbal infused linens with the steam canopy will aim to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. 

recommended to use with Detox programs to emphasize weight loss, contouring, and skin tightening.


  • A freshly infused herbal wrap
  • A full body steam 
  • light, warm oil application



Peppermint Body Twist

To help eliminate residual waste product from the lymphatic system. Recommended for weight loss programs. Not for those who tend to be claustrophobic. 


  • Full body Herbal gauze wrap 
  • Compression and heat to promote sweating
  • Cool herbal body cream to push lymph



Seasonal Exfoliation

Locally grown seasonal herbs combine with dead sea salt to infuse your systems with mineral electrolytes from the sea and calm your senses. Say goodbye to dry, rough skin and hello to a vibrant glow.


  • full body Herbal sea salt exfoliation
  • full body herbal steam
  • light, warm oil application



Hydrating Body Mask

Rid your body of that itchy, flaky dryness. Great for those who get severely dry skin, sensitive skin, rough patches, skin conditions, etc. 


  • extensive dry brushing
  • Deep moisturizing herbal mask
  • herbal steam
  • light, warm oil application