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Welcome to Spapothecary

An herbal experience with a glimpse of ancient healing techniques


Science has proven the body's natural balance can be thrown with environmental triggers such as diet and stress. 


our Spapothecary is that next step towards reversing damage done over the years. 


All new guests receive a complimentary initial consultation for ultimate personalized treatments


work as a team to design "blueprints" for a customized treatment plan and feel in charge of your health. 


Taking a holistic approach, we will look at many aspects of your life and body to see what body systems (respiratory, circulatory, musculoskeletal, integumentary (skin), etc.) might need a little extra TLC. 


You will then have custom designed herbal treatments that are yours and only yours - since no two bodies are alike! These could be sauna, steam, massage, facial and even hydrotherapy/Thalassotherapy (which will be added to our facility very soon).