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Naturopathic Consultation

Consultation is available for naturopathy services for every individual. My services include traditional naturopathy - which is a system of therapy that uses preventative care such as herbal medicinal therapy, whole food cleansing programs, enzyme and vitamin therapy. I also offer metabolic typing to help you find your true genetic food program combined with a ph balancing nutritional therapy.

Iridology diagnostics is used in my naturopathy consulting, which is the study of the iris and its reflexes that help map out inherent strengths and weaknesses of the body.

Every therapy session is tailored to the individual using naturopathic modalities and iridology which has been known to help create a very specific preventative program.

My mission at Physio is to have the individual understand and become educated on a natural alternative lifestyle and tap into the bodies innate ability to heal itself. An initial consultation is required to help me understand what would best suit your needs.



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