Physio Body Holistics ~ Spapothecary

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Our facial therapies encourage the skin to heal and soften with Lunacy Botanicals' organic Skin Care and massage techniques not normally found in facial treatments.

leave each session with a tasty herbal tea, rejuvenated skin, and a new piece of knowledge. 

Naturo-Esthetics services

"special modality" = extra add-ons 

(microdermabrasion, vacumobilization, chemical peels, light therapy, Ultrasonic cleansing, etc.) 

They give that added bit of "oomph".

Physio Signature ~ 

restorative facial

An experience that is truly head to toe, immerse your skin in organic products to nourish with nature - 60 minutes of facial therapies that your esthetician will design exclusively for your skins needs, followed with 30 minutes of a foot treatment to compliment your facial. Our feet represent a map of our entire body and so does our face. this idea dates back to ancient Egypt. The treatment is finished with a customized herbal tea to emphasize skin healing, and give you the relaxation necessary in our busy world. Encouraged every 4 - 6 weeks.

60min facial

30min foot soak with relaxing teatime



express facial

A quick pick me up to rejuvenate the skin! this takes a more aggressive, clinical (but still natural) approach on skin imperfections such as aging, dark marks, acne, and congestion. Sessions customized with 1 or 2 special modalities. 

*depending on severity, we may recommended weekly or bi-weekly sessions. 

30min facial followed by relaxing teatime



classic facial

Probably what you think of when you think facial. The scents and products, the steam, a mask, nice soothing music...but I throw in some extra love with a special modality. Whichever one your skin is craving most - thats what it's getting! 

On top of a long face, scalp, and neck/shoulder massage. 

60min facial followed by relaxing teatime