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The Evolution of Resurfacing

As the skin ages, the bonds between the cells break easily, and dead skin cells accumulate. Exfoliation procedures benefit mature skin especially when performed often.

Improves skin texture -Facilitates comedone extraction -Seborrheic keratoses may be temporarily removed -Reduces pore size on oily skin -Smooths and homogenizes the skin and provides an even tone

Reduces hyper-pigmentation and age spots -Smooths rough buttocks and breasts

Reduces minor to moderate early aging fine lines

Stimulates fibroblasts for collagen reproduction -Revises scars - Rejuvenates skin health

Painless - Microdermabrasion Treatment Indications:

Hyperkeratosis -Skin Aging, atrophic skin -Skin damage by the sun -Small wrinkles

Acne and impurities -Enlarged pores -Rough, uneven textured skin -Post - Acne Scars

Superficial scars -Hyper-pigmentation -Pre-operative to enhance surgical results

Post-operative -Stretch marks -Broken hair follicles and ingrown hairs


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