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The painless exfoliation technique will : 

Improve: Skin texture - pore size - even tone - fine lines - scarring - pre/postoperative results

Help to remove: comedones - seborrheic keratoses - rough spots on the face/body - stretch marks

Help to stimulate: fibroblasts for collagen reproduction

The Evolution of Resurfacing

As the skin ages, the bonds between the cells break easily, and dead skin cells accumulate. Mature skin requires frequent exfoliation in order to trick the skin to regenerate more often.

**All services are recommended in a series of 6 or 12 depending on severity where you would come in on a bi-weekly schedule...this will provide ultimate lasting results**

Light Therapy

Included with all facial Therapy sessions

~Red Light Therapy~

Infrared light can provide a form of nonsurgical facelift alternative from its ability to allow the skin to maintain elasticity and firmness.

Accelerates: wound healing - collagen production - skin cell turnover

Aids in fading: sunspots - hyperpigmentation - acne scarring - lesions (with blue light) - Anti-aging and Helps the appearance of : rosacea - eczema - present acne - fine lines - wrinkles

~Blue Light therapy~

Acne prone skin tends to produce excess sebum (oil) that weakens the skin. This weakness combined with the bacteria naturally found on the skin's surface creates pustules or lesions. By removing the excess bad bacteria, acne skin will have a chance to breathe and heal itself. It is considered very safe and does not require harsh topical products that dry out the skin.

Dissolves: acne-causing bacteria



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