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Jessica Acker-Rickey

About My Journey

Mind + Body + Soul Alignment

Thank you for tuning in; my name is Jessica.

I have been a holistic licensed esthetician since 2014 and level II Usui Reiki healer since 2017. I am an intuitive frequency healer and specialize in mind-body-soul alignment. My skin treatments are based on the philosophies of supportive skincare. I utilize a blend of holistic principles & spiritual modalities to help heal others and teach sacred holistic lifestyle skills.

Mind-Body-Soul alignment is my own personalized intuitive healing. Each person's course of healing is unique, and some of the modalities I will use include: Reiki, polarity therapy, spiritual counseling, core-energetic therapy, trauma-enforced healing, inner-child journey & healing, psychic-energy readings, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, crystal healing, aromatherapy, sound healing, guided meditation, karmic pattern analysis, emotional detoxing, embodiment, shadow work, ayurvedic dosha assessment and more.

My history:

I began reading about philosophy, the subconscious mind, mental health, and alternative eastern medicine at 13. I had a wonderful and wise sage bring solace to my life by guiding my natural gifts. I began learning about auras, chakra balancing, meditation, sacred geometry, astrology, and altered states of consciousness while in High School. All of these things were second nature to me, and this was the beginning of my journey to developing my intuitive, empathic healing gifts.

In 2013 I enrolled in the holistic Advanced Aesthetics program at Spa Tech Institute in Massachusetts. This school taught a blend of European, eastern, and holistic skincare modalities. This program included cosmetic chemistry, massage & polarity therapies, hair removal, psychology & human relations, business management, aesthetics equipment, anatomy & physiology, advanced skin analysis, aromatherapy, chakra scanning & balancing, ayurvedic principles, Doshas, breath work, divination, and much more.

From there, I worked at Ulta, where I received additional training from companies like Dermalogica, Peter Thomas Roth, Clinique, IT Cosmetics, Juice Beauty, Jane Iredale, Mario Badescu, Urban Decay, and Bare Minerals. I then found myself moving from Massachusetts to Northwestern Connecticut, where I began working for Massage Envy. Yet again, more training from more skincare lines. This time it was Murad, PCA Skin, and Skinceuticals.

As much as I appreciated getting hands-on experience and connecting with many beautiful souls, many of whom I still speak to today, I felt as though something was missing from my practice. I felt like no matter where I went, high-end or low-end spas offered the same thing with different packaging—treating the skin topically, creating dependence cycles, pushing sales over experience, and perpetuating a disconnection between mind + body + and soul.

Outside of work, I attended transcendental meditation, exchanged pranic healing sessions, created my holistic skincare, used crystal healing, offered chakra balancing, collected fresh spring water, studied ancient teachings, and longed to integrate these all into my own healing practice.

~And then the magic started~

I received my first reiki session from Melissa Howard in 2017. Melissa is the founder of Balance Within You, a yoga instructor, and a multi-disciplined Reiki Master. I went to her for many months, diving deep into healing my inner child, finding my light, and healing traumas. The progress and results astonished me. As someone who had gone to therapists before, with little to no results, I was dumbfounded by how quickly my emotional and whole overall body felt lighter, happier, and focused.

So I studied under Melissa and completed my level I and level II Reiki healer certifications.

~And then the wanderlust set in ~

I wanted to go out to Seattle to study at the world-renowned Bastyr University. Rated the second-best Naturopathic program in the United States by Naturopathic Continuing Education, rated the best herbalist/herbalism program, and the most focused human biology program in 2021. I did my undergrad studies at Cascadia College for Bastyr's Bachelor of Science in Health Psychology-Integrated Wellness. With a mere 12 credits left, life had other plans for me, and I found myself having to move back home to Northern New Jersey.

Since moving back to New Jersey, I found myself working at a medical spa. While working there, I performed and assisted services like Hydrafacial, Venus Freeze, cryolipolisis/coolsculpting, microneedling, microcurrent, photo-rejuvenation, laser hair removal/resurfacing, and Yon-Ka phyto-aromatic skincare.

How did I find myself working in a medical spa which is as far from holistic therapies as you could ask for? I don't have a clear answer for you, but maybe my soul just wanted to check off all the boxes before fully embodying my soul's mission.

And then just like that I founded Align Wellness in October of 2019.

~If you made it this far, thank you~

So there you have it.

A brief yet thorough description of my journey so far in these last 16 years.

You could describe it as a path of seeking.

A constant feeling of an indescribable yet undeniable drive to cause a shift and change in people's lives.

To use the skin as a facilitator in more profound healing and a deeper understanding of how interconnected our mind + body + and soul truly are.

An unwavering dedication to my own inner work.

A commitment to continuously learn, unlearn, grow, evolve, and adapt my own practice.

To be humble.

To be an avid student and master symbiotically.

To inspire other souls to embark on the journey within and align with their souls mission and purpose.

I genuinely hope to connect with you and explore your path to align wellness.