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Jessica Acker-Rickey

About My Journey

Mind + Body + Soul Alignment

Thank you for tuning in; my name is Jessica.


As a licensed aesthetician, certified crystal healer & reiki practitioner, I am happy to say I get to do what I love for a living.

I offer holistic & corrective skincare services, spiritual coaching, conscious gatherings, and energy healing services at Physio Body Holistics and my lake-front home studio in Highland Lakes NJ.

I have been a holistic licensed esthetician for 7 years, level II Usui reiki healer for 4, newly ordained Priestess, and grew up in an environment that supported my natural intuitive gifts from an early age.

I received advanced Holistic Functional Esthetic training through an apprenticeship program at Brooklyn Herborium with master esthetician Emma Graves. I also am partnered with their holistic practitioner program and am still active in their monthly professional training, and all of my treatments feature their one-of-a-kind organic skin products, Between You and The Moon.

Every person's body strives for balance & vitality. When we are able to identify the support and tools it needs, those things are much easier to achieve. Using a whole-body approach, and all of the modalities I have in my hands, I help people to connect and listen to their bodies while encouraging a shift toward equilibrium.

I teach clients how to recognize imbalances in the physical and subtle body through messages sent via skin disruptions. My skin treatments and counseling are based on the philosophies of supportive skincare. Using holistic skin & lifestyle skills I coach on how to support the body through these sacred holistic principles. These skills almost always include gradual changes in topical methods, regular professional sessions, and dietary changes with the incorporation of appropriate herbs and self-care rituals.