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The Acropolis Luna Stella

Spapothecary at Physio

An Herbal Experience


Improve circulation  - aid in joint pain
vital mineral absorption such as magnesium

 potassium, iodide, sodium and calcium

stress relief - weight loss

vichy wraps also include herbal massage

Mud  80 mins - $190

Moor mud improves circulation and immunity, reduce inflammation, detoxifies the body, and helps reduce eczema and acne. It absorbs moisture and helps move nutrients into the skin. 

pink clay 80 mins - $195

Our pink clay wrap is rich in minerals and is great for dry, reactive and sensitive skin types. This clay wrap reduces inflammation and irritation which will sooth and balance the skin.

French clay 80 mins - $200

Green clay powder works to energize the skin, absorb excess oils and soothe irritation. This wrap can help to remove oil build up and may also reduce the size of pores, making it ideal for excessive oily and acne prone skin.

kaolin 80 mins - $200

a most luxurious skin treatment, cleansing, toning, exfoliating and detoxifying, this is a great treatment for skin renewal and a fresh start in the spring and fall.

tub soaks - 30 mins - $75

Options include:    ~ Sea Salt  ~ Magnesium  ~ Clay  ~ Herbal Tea

hydro massage - 25 mins - $85  50 mins - $165

Options include:    ~ Sea Salt  ~ Magnesium  ~ Clay  ~ Herbal Tea