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Finnish Sauna Therapeutics

Sauna is a Scandinavian word that has been known for centuries as an ancient for of heat therapy. 

 It is dry heat that heats the body up by several degrees. Once heated the body will then try to reduce its temperature by moving blood to the surface of the skin and begin sweating. Heating the body and the body's response to heating has been known to have many beneficial physiological effects. Saunas improve circulation and relieve internal congestion. Creating heat in the body may also help destroy bacteria, viruses and tumors. Sweating promotes the elimination of toxins in the systems which many people know at detoxification.  Dr. Larry Wilson MD is my mentor for sauna therapy and has promoted a 2 phase sauna therapy effect for maximum health benefits.  The 1st phase approximately the first 10 minutes of therapy balances the ANS(Autonomic Nervous System - Your fight or flight system), Induces sweating, improves oxygenation, dilates peripheral vessels, relieves internal congestion, relaxes muscles, reduces heat production and increases the alkalinity of the system.  The 2nd phase from 10 to 30 minutes increases body temperature, hastens the death of weaker cells, produces heat shock proteins, improves genetics, increase the heart rate and enhances circulation, resolves infiltrates, edema and exudates and normalizes enzymatic activity when basal body temperature is low. Basically its called sweating.

Finnish Sauna



The 4 week Detox

4 weeks of Therapeutic Sauna Therapy - 1x per week  with a 2 week herbal cleansing kit and protocol to start things off 



The Banya Combo Series

4 weeks of either Healing Sauna Therapy or Lymphatic Sauna Therapy with an additional 25 minutes of Banya Steam 1x

per week also includes herbal restorative cleansing kit and protocol.


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