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Sauna: a Scandinavian word known for centuries as an ancient form of heat therapy. 

How Sauna Works

  • Dry Heat raises body temp. by several degrees
  • Your body then tries to cool down by rushing blood to your skin's surface (initiate sweating here)
  • A great cooling rush washes over you so you can soak in the benefits

Dr. Larry Wilson's 2 phase sauna - (some of the benefits of sweating)

Benefits Phase 2: (after 10 to 30 minutes)

therapeutic sauna therapy

Integrated with therapeutic massage using 20 minutes of sauna prior to your massage therapy sess‚Äčion.

*Designed for the individual who may be experiencing muscle tightness or chronic pain. 



sauna therapy : add on

add to any other therapy



healing sauna therapy

A more intense session that integrates sauna with the healing benefits of herbal therapy designed for your specific needs. Herbal linens, hot compresses and massage are applied intermittently during session. 



lymphatic sauna therapy

A contrast therapy to help a slower lymph system drain more rapidly. a wonderful treatment during the stagnant winter months and known to help the immune system stay strong. In this treatment, the sauna is integrated with cryotherapy using cold compresses and massage.