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Corrective Treatments

Microdermabrasion | Body Contouring | Lamprobe | Cryoskin

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Painless exfoliation
with no down time

Improves: Texture - pore size - evenness - fine lines - scars - blemishes - roughness - sun damage

Stimulates fibroblasts for collagen reproduction

Red Light Therapy

firmness - "nonsurgical facelift" - wound healing - collagen production - cell turnover - sun damage - acne scarring - lesions - fine lines - wrinkles

Blue Light therapy

Dissolves acne-causing bacteria

Treatments include a cleanse and gentle spa massage with hydrating oil application.

One session pricing 

Face (including Neck) - 60min - $145

Arms (including hands) - 60min - $110

Stretch marks (with vacu-cupping) - Average 45min -  $95

décollété - 60min - $110

Any area can be accommodated and special packages can be made for multiple areas - Consultation required

For strong, Lasting results bi-weekly sessions may be recommended (Depending on severity)

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Series of 6

Series of 12 

paired with vacu-cupping


Body contouring | cellulite | scars | no downtime

Used in France for many years as an alternative to surgery with great results.

  • Eliminates toxin build-up
  • stimulates venous circulation 
  • increases oxygenation action on cell metabolism 
  • Increases the flexibility of connective tissue
  • tones
  • stimulates elastic fiber tissues
  • enhances relaxation
*complicated healing processes may need to be paired with microdermabrasion

face contouring: Aging | elasticity | congestion

Pressotherapy: A compression boot system for circulation | body contouring | swelling

Also have options for the arms.

  • slimming
  • cellulite
  • leg heaviness/fatigue
  • vein visibility
  • lymphedema
  • "orange peel" look 
  • post-surgical/congenital conditions
  • ankle swelling 
  • venous/lymphatic flow
  • before, during, after cosmetic surgery (i.e. liposuction) 
  • Hand/foot/leg temperature 
  • tone

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full body contouring

Emphasizing abdominal and leg contouring using     vacumobilization. Face, arms, gluteals, and back are included - followed by a 30 min. pressotherapy session with mini facial.



full vacu-cupping 

(50min)- $115

targetting (25min) - $60

any area can be accomodated for vacu-cupping!

full pressotherapy 

(50min)- $115

maintenance (25min) - $60

Lamprobe : 

Coming Soon