Benefits & Prevention Using Holistic Massage

Looking to enhance your massage therapy practice by educating your clients about the benefits and prevention of your therapeutic practice and its relationship to the anatomy and physiology of the body. This course will help the beginner or intermediate who needs a refresher, therapist to review and practice their skills on speaking with a client about massage therapy benefits and prevention. Each segment of the class will cover all of the systems physiology and how massage is directly or indirectly related to them, then you will take your skill to the table and practice discussing these benefits to the client while working including the possible relationship between the spinal nerves-organs and muscle functions. This is a foundational course for anyone interested in becoming a Physio Architect. For Massage Therapist Only - Practical Work Required -

This Course is NCBTMB approved for 7 credits - Cost. $105

Creating the Foundation Part 1:

Assessment and Analysis of Posture and Alignment

The foundation of a great therapy program is in assessment - Creating the Foundation is a series of assessment and analysis techniques that will help you improve your therapy by giving the client great information about their imbalances from the beginning. In this course beginner or intermediate will learn how to look at movement and gait and make educated decisions on anatomy that is being involved and stress causing pain and dysfunction. You will learn how to use the CoreAlign machine or manual movement analysis, you will also learn postural analysis to add in a stationary analysis for a more complete standing postural assessment. The course will then bring those onto the table for you to complete a lying analysis and chart your findings. You will leave will a tool that will create great strides in the progress of your sessions and the ability to create session packages for continued patronage. For Massage Therapists Only - Practical Work Required -

This course is NCBTMB approved for 7 credits. Cost. $259

Understanding A Holistic Therapeutic Massage

From Foundational Assessment

Moving forward from the assessment course this course will provide the next step after you have completed your first postural and alignment analysis and alignment. The course will take you from discussing the results with your client and creating a plan of success and progress. Each session after the assessment and analysis requires additional note taking and analysis which we will go over and practice. This is a great course to branch into a new segment to your practice as I have with Physio Architecture. Creating the Foundation Part 1 is required to take this course. Massage Therapists Only - Practical Work Required.

This course is NCBTMB approved for 7 credits. Cost. $259

Ethics Course: Etiquette & Ethics at the Workplace

This course is NCBTMB approved for 2 ethics credits. 

Ethics Course: Proper Draping in Advanced Therapy Sessions

This course is NCBTMB approved for 2 ethics credits.