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Cee Mcdermott

My certifications also include Functional Nutrition Coaching, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Cognitive Health Specialist, and Clinical Peptide Therapy Certification. My background in human development has led me to the ultimate goal of assisting others to define and find their greatest potential. Through my personal journey I have discovered that science and data-driven information leads to real results for a fulfilled and productive life. On a continuous path of education on the latest research and discovery, you will find my work published in STRONG Fitness, Inside Fitness and Elephant Journal. 

Cee McDermott is offering her years of expert training and knowledge to Acropolis clients in Califon. Cee is a Precision Wellness Practitioner from Long Valley, as a Certified Personal Trainer, group fitness instructor, Kundalini yoga instructor, functional nutrition coach, reiki II practitioner, meditation teacher, and herbalist, Cee knows what it takes to heal the body inside and out. Her services can be customized and combined for full life wellness.