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A new concept in massage. Various suction discs aid in achieving results from deep down in the connective tissue. Without pinching the skin and under constant visual control, it gives access to a whole range of treatments which are otherwise difficult to attain. 

Eliminates toxic build-up - Stimulates venous circulation - Increases oxygenation action on cell metabolism - Increases the flexibility of the connective tissue - Provides a toning action Stimulates elastic fiber tissues - Provides an analgesic action - Enhances Relaxation 

~ Conditions and applications ~ 

Body Contouring ~ reduces the appearance of fat overloaded areas giving you enhanced contour. 

Cellulite ~ Diminish the appearance of  "orange peel skin" and irregularities of the lumps/ bumps 

Face Contouring ~ Puffiness under the eyes and sagging skin on the cheeks, neck, and chin.  

Wrinkles ~ Wrinkles and exaggerated expression lines can be reduced during a face contouring session.

Scars ~ Quickens the healing process significantly and the aesthetic of scars and incisions.

 *In the case of complicated healing processes, additional modalities may be needed.


A compression system designed to increase the venous and lymphatic flow along with the enhancement of extra-cellular fluid clearance.


Helps to alleviate: lymphedema,  post-surgical/congenital conditions, ankle swelling, 

Pre-, intra-, and post phases of cosmetic surgery (such as liposuction).

Improves: leg temperature, tone, slimming, cellulite, contour, venous/lymphatic flow

Reduces: leg heaviness/fatigue, redness, vein visibility, cellulite, "orange peel" look.



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