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  Welcome to Lunacy

Appolonia has experimented with formulating since she was 15 years old. When she became an Aesthetician she learned a bunch about skin and brought her products into her services. What a difference an hour of luxury with these products could do! 

After a 2 year herbal program and professional formulation school ... she is making them even better!

Stay tuned for the December 2020 launch!

Principles Practiced

Short Routines With Natural Results


  • Low Waste Packaging
  • Free From The Dirty 30  (parabens, fragrances.)
  • Handcrafted in small batches
  • Working to be a carbon neutral company

Giving Back

  • Compostable packaging sprinkled with flower seeds so everyone can play a part in Saving the Bees

  • Every Product Purchase donates $1 to a current eco-friendly non-profit.

Responsible Sourcing

  • Organic (or VERY NATURAL)
  • Mostly Local
  • All Ethical Sourcing
  • Each ingredient                  = nutrient-rich 

Herbalist / Esthetician Owned

  • School of Natural Skincare Professional schooling 
  • *European standards*